Development of a safety culture is one of the Group’s priorities. For this reason, ILVA has developed a workplace health & safety training plan that involves all employees as soon as they set foot inside the company.

Training and information activities are organized for everyone, starting with department foremen who must make sure that all their teams receive full information on prevention, accident risks and preventive measures.

Personnel training covers activities required by law and standards and the main workplace safety themes. Courses range from operating practices to safety procedures, implementing plant safety conditions and the use of equipment, from hazardous substances to emergency plans, risks, protection devices and prevention measures.

In line with the provisions of the Consolidated Safety Law (legislative decree 81/08), training addresses the various professional figures in the organization of labour and defines and programmes specific workplace safety training activities for each of them.

Training is also in line with the international standard for safety management systems (B.S. OHASAS 18001:2007) and with the provisions of law (legislative decree 105/2015) on accident risks (where applicable).