ILVA’s commitment for the environment

Our projects for a sustainable development

For us the protection of the environment is a value to be safeguarded and promoted, a commitment in which we invest energy and resources: an important environmental compliance activity plan is transforming the Taranto works. 

Two new advanced technology landfills opened by ILVA in August 2015 (V4) and October 2016 (G3)
The first areas to be covered are those closest to the Tamburi quarter
Over 15,500 tonnes of material has been disposed of on schedule and in compliance with the most stringent environmental and safety standards.
To reduce dust dispersion in its Taranto facility ILVA has covered around 40 km of belt conveyors, the “motorway” that carries raw materials all over the production site.
The commitment for the environment starts right away: the continuous ship unloader fights dust dispersion
From industrial cleaning operator underneath the limestone belt conveyors to Landfill Technical Director: Carmine Lezza’s 15 years at ILVA.