Supervisory Body

Autonomy, independence, professionalism and continuity of action: the Supervisory Body is provided with these requirements for monitoring the effectiveness of the Management Model and proposing its updating.

The Supervisory Body is responsible for monitoring the adequacy and functioning of ILVA’s Organization, Management and Control Model.

The Supervisory Body’s designation, tasks, activities and functioning, as well as the term of office of its members, are governed by the document entitled "Discipline and duties of the Supervisory Body".

Supervisory Body’s members 

The Supervisory Body consists of three members, chosen from amongst those who can provide the Supervisory Body with the following requirements in order to ensure its effective operation:

  • autonomy and independence;
  • professionalism
  • continuity of action
  • integrity.

 At present, the Supervisory Body is composed of:

Organismo di Vigilanza

Supervisory Body'S duties

As part of its monitoring of ILVA’s Management and Control Model, the Supervisory Body:

  • monitors the efficiency and effectiveness and actual implementation of the Model;
  • promotes a training process on the Model for employees;
  • promotes updating of the Model;
  • assesses any infringements of the Model and determines any action to be taken;
  • provides for the drafting and correct and timely delivery of reports, forms and other information by managers of risk areas;
  • assesses any complaints received, including anonymous ones, and communicates them to the competent bodies;
  • prepares ad hoc information flows for the Administrative Body;
  • provides the Administrative Body with a half-yearly report.


Please write to the following email address to contact the Supervisory Body: