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Eight temporary towers visible from outside the facility

Prefect Donato Cafagna, ILVA Commissioners Piero Gnudi, Enrico Laghi and Corrado Carrubba and the provincial secretaries of the CGIL, CISL, UIL, UGL and USB today signed, on 25th January, a legality protocol in the city’s Prefecture.

Compared to 2016, when it was ranked 52nd,
it has gained 41 places in the “non-listed” category.

The plant that has improved performance in terms of both production and safety was started up in October 1992

Innovation has always been at home in ILVA’s facilities, where employees’ work and passion have enabled the company to become a leading force on the domestic and European markets. Galvanizing Line 3, or ZIN3, which started up in the Genoa production site in 2009, celebrates 8 years in service today.

It was broadcast on Rai1 on 30 August, the docufilm on life in ILVA’s Taranto facility.

Precision, speed of execution and reduction of risks: such are the qualities of the Genoa service centre, one of the most highly automated in Europe

At the Corpus Domini service on 18 June the Holy Father used the crozier that ILVA employees gave him when he visited the Cornigliano facility

Over 3,000 workers of the Genoa facility welcomed the Holy Father in Warehouse 11 renovated for the occasion

ILVA at the prestigious steel industry fair

With a crozier crafted in the Genoa facility’s workshops

How ILVA’s people are getting ready to welcome the Pope on 27 May

This initiative enabled the students to appreciate every aspect of the production cycle “in the field”.

In a particular moment as the current Extraordinary Administration, ILVA cares about its future investing time and energies on training its most important resource: people.

In the framework of the environmental compliance and recovery of ILVA in Extraordinary Administration the new landfill “Mater Gratiae G3” for special not dangerous waste, originated by the industrial production, plays an important role.

The latest attendance to TUBE, one of the main international exhibitions on steel industry.