ILVA people

Young and trained for excellence: our people are not ordinary people.
This new steel generation is renewing one of Italy’s greatest industrial traditions.

Being part of ILVA means working in a complex enterprise that has played a central role in the history of Italian industryOur people are proud to be part of this: their skills and their passion are the foundations on which the Group’s ambitious plans for sustainable development rest. 

ILVA is a Group looking to the future in order to build on the value of its long history, a goal shared everyday – with pride – by about 14,000 people with an average age of 42.

Our vision of future growth is based on integrity, creating value, developing our human resources, respect for the environment, safety, service quality, transparency and technological innovation.

“50% of ILVA people have a high school diploma or a degree.”

To achieve these goals, our DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT team work with young in-house specialists to establish virtuous relations with local communities.

The people in our team can design and interact with complex systems, and they are increasingly sensitive to the needs of safety and the environment.

“50% of ILVA people have less than 15 years’ service.”

We want to build on ILVA’s tradition to create a profitable and sustainable future for everyone. ILVA people are the key resource in this project because they’re never happy with less than total quality.

Because to produce top quality steel you need top quality people.