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Or send an open job application to our Company Data Base.

The Company Data Base is our preferred selection channel. We only use external data bases or universities and schools when our own data base cannot provide the right profiles or sufficient numbers of candidates.

Please remember that entering your data in our recruiting system requires the opening of an account (User and Password), through which it will be possible to recover and update your application whenever you want to report any change.

Our selection process: three steps ensuring professionalism and transparency

To select our people, we have chosen a selection process ensuring high standards of transparency and professionalism in line with the Company’s Code of Ethics.

Our policy excludes favouritism and discrimination, the applicant profile verification process being based on the Company context and values, professionalism, the skills required and merit.

Here are the three steps defining the process:

selection process


The first step in our selection process is to screen the CVs of people already registered in the Company’s Data Base or who have applied for a particular job opening.

The Company contacts the people whose applications are in line with the requirements for the job and organizes a phone interview in which it supplies more details about the job and enquires further about the information in the CV. If the profile proves suitable and the applicant is interested, the next step will be an interview.


It’s the step where the presence of an adherence to the company’s values and culture is being assessed, where the skills necessary to express oneself at the best in the context of ILVA, the motivations and interest, as well the presence of the abilities and skills required by the searched professional profile are being ascertained.

The candidates are invited to an individual interview or to an assessment center.

Once a shortlist of candidates satisfying those requirements has been identified, the selection process move forward to the third step.


The third step in the selection process is a technical interview to assess the applicant’s professional skills. This is carried out by managers in the area where the candidate will work. Technical or language tests and questionnaires may be used.


At the end of the selection process, the selection team identifies the applicants who best fit with the profile’s requirements. The Company informs each applicant of the selection result by email and then the chosen candidate is summoned to formalize the recruitment.